Google Donates WindowBuilder and CodePro Profiler to Eclipse Foundation


Google donates the source code and IP of WindowBuilder and CodePro Profiler to the open source community via the Eclipse Foundation.

"We have always wanted to get these tools in more developers’ hands. So, back in September we decided to give them away for free," said Eric Clayberg and the Google Developer Tools Team in a blog post this week. "The community response has been fantastic," added Clayberg. "With that done, we asked ourselves, how could we make a good thing even better? How about by open sourcing the code and creating two new Eclipse projects!"

With the donation of WindowBuilder, an Eclipse Java GUI Designer, and CodePro Profiler, a Java code performance issues identifier the Eclipse Foundation gains not only those two new projects, but an estimated $5 million USD in code and IP.

More information on this donation can be found on the Google Code Blog.

( Mathias Huber, Amber Graner)

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