KDE 4.5.4 for Windows Announced


The KDE Windows team continues their progress in bringing KDE applications to MS Windows.

In the announcement, the KDE Windows team cautions that the 4.5.4 release is still not stable or suitable for production work; however, the release gives users new improvements to try. Those improvements include features from the KDE 4.5 release, various bug fixes and the latest version of Phonon-VLC backend.

The team also notes that support for two new compilers has also been added: mingw-w32 and vc100. Currently, in the 4.5.4 release mingw4 and vc90 are supported; however, mingw-w32 and vc100 are scheduled as their replacement in future releases.

Users who want to test out this release can do so by using the KDE-Installer.

More information on this the availability of KDE for Windows can be found on the KDE on Windows Initiative Website.

( Amber Graner)

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