KDE and the Cloud: ownCloud


A KDE project, the ownCloud initiative is a web storage app that is developed by the KDE community.

Jonathan Riddell announced in a post on the KDE Developers site today that he has packaged ownCloud and has an exclusive offer for the first ten readers of his post—a free trial of his very own ownCloud. Riddell states, "It's in natty or maverick-backports for 10.10 users."

Riddell also discusses some of the licensing issues he faced noting that, "The licencing was the most fiddly thing here, if KDE is to get into web apps we need to update our licence policy which doesn't take into account AGPL nor the annoying PHP licence."

Riddell in the same post also writes about SAMBA support (at last) in KDE.

More about ownCloud, Riddell's very own ownCloud, and SAMBA support in KDE can be found on the KDE Developers website.

( Amber Graner)

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