Mark Shuttleworth Resigns as Canonical CEO


Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and CEO of Canonical has announced the transfer of his post to Canonical COO Jane Silber.

Shuttleworth intends to concentrate his energy on product design, partnerships, customer contact and relationship building. The current CEO reported in his blog that these are the areas he thrives most in. Furthermore, these are points where he can use his abilities and influence most effectively. Shuttleworth intends to transfer the reigns to Jane Silber, who has been a trusted colleague of his since the beginning (more or less), in the year 2004, at Canonical. Silber is the chief operating officer and also lead the Ubuntu One project. Due to her change of positions, the post of COO and leadership of Ubuntu One will be open and the new occupant will take on both duties.

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Mark Shuttleworth considers his commitment to Ubuntu very high: "I am more committed now than I have ever been.“ His positions at the Ubuntu Community Council and in the Ubuntu Technical Board will not be affected by his change of position at Canonical. Shuttleworth and Silber answered questions in an interview regarding the switch.

( Ulrich Bantle)

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