Mark Shuttleworth: Ubuntu 11.04 Mission Is Users First


"Users first, on free software," says Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth in an Ubuntu 11.04 reflective blog post today.

According to Shuttleworth putting the user first has always been part of Ubuntu's mission as it set out to bring the Linux platform to a consumer audience. "And yesterday marked the biggest leap forward in that mission that Ubuntu has ever taken, ...we brought something new to the very core of the user experience of the free platform: Unity," said Shuttleworth.

Shuttleworth praises and thanks the community, "Ubuntu’s killer feature remains that community. ...So to everyone who has helped bring Ubuntu 11.04 to fruition: thank you, and well done."

Shuttleworth acknowledges that Ubuntu is more than just Unity and admits the needs of the Ubuntu community and its users are much greater than what one desktop UI—Unity—could address.

Shuttleworth is proud of the fact that the Ubuntu community publishes the whole expression of software freedom across its archives and concludes his post by welcoming everyone, encouraging all to find ways to celebrate the differences and achieve "something that’s bigger than all our individual dreams."

( Amber Graner)

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