Project Timelord: Kubuntu to Become Even Better


Kubuntu isn't as good as it could be. That was the conclusion developers came to after version 9.10 was released. Project Timelord should now address that concern.

The current announcement on the Kubuntu homepage didn't sound much like a celebration of the Kubuntu 9.10 launch:

"Through intense self-reflection, it has come to the attention of several Kubuntu developers that Kubuntu is not currently reaching its full potential. Whether due to major architectural changes in the software stack, the usage of certain Ubuntu technologies or limited developer time, we have realized that deep changes must occur."

Reasons for the rather downcast tone are primarily problems with bugs and translations. The Kubuntu team maintains not only the official KDE translations in the distro but translations of Kubuntu tools that aren't strictly part of the KDE project. The same goes for bug reports, maintained in Launchpad, for bugs that the KDE project should actually be handling. How Ubuntu's own tools (such as Ubuntu One, which has no KDE client up to now) contribute to the mood isn't clear from the announcement. What the complaint seems to come down to is "too few developers for too much work."

To produce a better Kubuntu for the upcoming LTS version 10.04, the developers are therefore engaging in a new project called Timelord. More developers plus quality maintenance should result in better software. The comprehensive PDF document with details of the project is on the website. Those wanting to participate in what may become the second largest Ubuntu version can find details on the KubuntuContactUs page.

( Marcel Hilzinger)

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