Relaxed Ubuntu 9.10: CouchDB to be Integrated


Even though Ubuntu 9.10 is officially completed, developers managed to slip in the new beta version of Apache CouchDB that stores addresses, notes and bookmarks.

Reason for the late change is Ubuntu One, which rests heavily on the CouchDB capabilities. Thanks to the recent CouchDB beta, all Ubuntu 9.10 users can communicate over the same address book that is stored in CouchDB and synchronized over Ubuntu One. Ubuntu users can then access their address book from practically every computer using Ubuntu One.

Even Tomboy notes can be secured and synchronized in this way. CouchDB can also pull in Firefox bookmarks so that Ubuntu One users have them close at hand. As Elliot Murphy writes in the CouchDB developer mailing list, Canonical supports developers to get their applications compatible with CouchDB so as to "cloud-enable" them.

Ubuntu developers want to submit CouchDB to massive builds and stabilization to get its support into the upcoming "Lucid Lynx" LTS version 10.04. Murphy thus requests that CouchDB developers synchronize their next 0.11 release with the Lucid timetable and have it ready by latest March 4, 2010.

( Marcel Hilzinger)

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