Ubuntu 10.10 Enters Beta


Try the Maverick Meerkat.

Canonical announced that Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop and Server Editions, codenamed Maverick Meerkat, are now available in beta form. Here's the list of new features the Meekat has to offer:

Ubuntu 10.10 is built on GNOME 2.31 desktop environment and includes dconf and gsettings API.

The Ubuntu Software Center gets a facelift that includes Featured and What's New views. The Ubuntu Software Center also features improved package description view, and easier access to the package installation history.

Ubuntu One, Canonical's cloud-based backup and storage service, is further integrated into Ubuntu 10.10 via an improved sign-in and sign-up process. Ubuntu One also features Nautilus improvements that improve folder sync preferences and improved sync speeds.

Shotwell is now the default photo manager and Gwibber has been updated to support Twitter's new OAuth authorization system.

Grab the beta for Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 right here.

( Trevan McGee)