Ubuntu 11.10 Named: Oneiric Ocelot


Mark Shuttleworth releases the codename for what has until today been referred to as "-O" and what will eventually become Ubuntu 11.10.

In his blog post Shuttleworth explains what the criteria considerations were looked at when this new codename was chosen, "The objective is to capture the essence of our next six months work in a simple name..." He continues with, "So we’re looking for a name that conveys mysterious possibility, with perhaps an ounce of overt oracular content too. Nothing too opaque, ornate, odious or orotund."

Shuttleworth says that's what lead to the codename Oneiric Ocelot, but what does it mean? According to Shuttleworth it means, "Oneiric means “dreamy”, and the combination with Ocelot reminds me of the way innovation happens: part daydream, part discipline."

More information on this codename can be found on Shuttleworth's blog.

( Amber Graner)

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