Ubuntu Makes Lubuntu Official Derivative


Lubuntu now officially supported Ubuntu derivative.

It's official: Lubuntu is an official Ubuntu derivative. In a UDS session in Budapest, Colin Watson and Mark Shuttleworth clarified the details with project member Julien Lavergne. There are still no ISO and packages on the official Ubuntu site, but Lavergne will announce on the Ubuntu project development mailing list when the application is in the official repositories and there is an installable image. Lubuntu 11.10 will be the first officially supported version of the derivate.

Lavergne is pleased with the decision. He and his colleagues hope to gain greater visibility for Lubuntu with the help of Canonical.

Lubuntu is mainly geared toward low-memory computers, such as the Pentium II, which packs a mere 128MB of RAM. The LXDE desktop lacks some features, but it does not require much in terms of resources. Lubuntu uses PCManFM as a file manager, the Chromium browser, and the Sylpheed email client.

( Kristian Kissling and Rikki Kite)

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