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Issue 21: Shell Shock: Command Line Tips and Tricks

Shell Shocked. So, what’s the deal? Surely we have transcended having to type obscure commands on a black background. Is this not something reminiscent of the bad old days? With modern distros, you could never leave the safe haven of your graphical desktop, true, but you’d definitely be missing out.

Table of Contents

My Blue Status Quo

My Blue Status Quo free

Ubuntu 14.04

Latest LTS free


Ubuntu 14.04 – Trusty Tahr, 32 & 64 bits

On the DVD free

The Linux shell is your friend

Shell Shocked free

Comparing Windows PowerShell and Bash

Disparate Development free

Writing clearer Bash scripts

Right Ingredients free

Create menus and dialogs for shell scripts

Greater Comfort free

Compiling Bash Scripts with SHC

Wrapped up free

Software for DIY off-road navigation

In the Wild free

Programs for bandwidth monitoring

Ear to the Net free


Systemd as central control for the Linux system

Strong Glue free

Organizing and reading e-books with Calibre

Bookcase free

Buddi and HomeBank banking applications

Take It to the Bank free

Organize tasks professionally with Nitro

Task Master free

The Minecraft cult game

Game Blocks free

The very fast QupZilla web browser put to the test

Speedy Newcomer free

Creative Inkscape effects in practice

Digital Art free

Installing Ubuntu 14.04

Installation Party free

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic free

Software management on Ubuntu 14.04

Today's Specials free

Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment free


Q&A with Stuart Langridge and Bryan Lunduke

Answerbuntu free


Developing free hardware using Vivaldi and Improv as examples

Vivaldi Meets Don Quixote free

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