Ubuntu 15.04 – Vivid Vervet, 32 & 64 bits

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On the DVD




This month, on our double-sided disk, we have the newest version of Ubuntu, 15.04 – Vivid Vervet. Vivid is the most mature and stable version of Ubuntu to date and comes with the latest and greatest Free Software. Vivid comes now with systemd for its system back end, making it faster to boot, more stable, and with improved performance.

On side B, you'll find the 64-bit version of Ubuntu. This will work better on more modern machines and will deliver a faster and more optimized experience. If in doubt, try this version first.

Side A comes with the 32-bit version of Vivid, ideal for older machines or if you have compatibility problems with libraries or apps.

Ubuntu 15.04

  • Unity 7.3
  • Linux kernel 3.19
  • Firefox 37
  • Thunderbird 31.6
  • LibreOffice 4.4
  • Gnome Terminal 3.14
  • Ubuntu Make developer tools

Double-Sided DVD

This DVD is a double-sided live disk. You can try out the operating systems on the disk without installing anything on your computer. You can later install Ubuntu from the live desktop.

This DVD has a label on side A of the disk, so if you want to run Ubuntu 15,04 – 64 bits, the side with the label should be facing up in the tray. If you want to use an Ubuntu for 32 bit computers, you should insert the DVD in your reader with the side with the label facing down.


Defective discs will be replaced. Please send an email to cs@ubuntu-user.com.


  1. Ubuntu website: http://www.ubuntu.com

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