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Issue 26: Network Ninja: Run Safe and Smooth Networks

Network Ninja: Keeping your network in shape is not hard... if you have the right tools. We show you how to get started and provide you with some Free and Open apps to manage servers, websites, and traffic.

Table of Contents


The Near Impossible Very Difficult Task of Free Software Techno-journo-marketing free

Linux Mint 17.2 + Kubuntu 15.04

On the DVD free

Optimizing, securing, and tuning your network

Network Ninja free

Minimizing load time for web pages

Optimized free


Anonymous surfing on the Internet

Privacy First free

Tracking down weak points in your intranet

Weakest Link free

Performance tuning for web servers

Quick as a flash free

Basics for running your own scripts

Dot Before Slash free

Comparing game development environments

Fun Zones free

IPython Notebook lets you do more than just program

Supernatural free

System V style init and systemd in practice

Who's Boss free

Finding differences in PDF documents

Looking for Traces free

Publishing books with LibreOffice, CreateSpace, and KDP

Self-Made free

New features in Ardour 4

Music Maker free

Encrypting flash drives with UsbCryptFormat

Safe Travels free

Testing the Vivaldi web browser

Opera Reloaded free


Xfce 4.12 after almost three years

The Long Road free

Installing Ubuntu 15.04

Installation Party free

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic free

Software management in Ubuntu 15.04

Today's Specials free

Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment free


Linux and the virtual Windows XP machine

Virtual Setup free

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