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Welcomia, 123RF

Welcomia, 123RF

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The PDF format has established itself as the standard for document exchange. There are many programs under Linux that you can use to take advantage of all of the possibilities PDFs offer.

Documents that are completely different from one another, like billing statements, books, scholarly works, and more, are regularly composed, transferred, and distributed with digital tools. Preferably, these transfers are made with the platform-independent PDF format. Documents that are searchable make it easy to quickly find a particular item inside of a file. Metadata contains additional information.

In addition to all these advantages, there are countless possibilities for working on PDF documents. As a means of fulfilling specific needs, you can do things like remove individual pages, add new ones, or take individual pages and add them to a new PDF file. You can also highlight passages, draw arrows and circles around text, and add comments to a PDF file, just as you would with a printed text.

Text Recognition

In order to fully exploit all of the PDF format's possibilities, the file should be searchable. This feature lets you browse through several PDF files for particular words, as well as use the search function on the PDF viewer to quickly find the correct passage inside of the file. Typically, you can search through files created using LaTeX and LibreOffice. The situation looks different though with PDF files created from scans. Once scanned, the files consist purely of image data. A text recognition program lets you add a text layer to the data.


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