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Issue 31: Encryption – Protect All Your Data

Encrypt all the things! The future of personal and professional privacy may be dire, but at least you're on the correct platform, right? And that's because Linux gives you all the tools you need to set up your last line of defense against hackers, industrial spies, and overzealous government agents.

Table of Contents


Future Tense free

Ubuntu 16.10 "Yakkety Yak" 32 and 64 bit

On the DVD free

Learn how to encrypt your data and keep it private

Encryption is Easy free

Using EncFS with graphical front ends

Hide and Seek free

Using SiriKali to encrypt data via the GUI

Friendly Face free

The multifaceted encryption tool zuluCrypt

Multitool free

Search with Google in the terminal

Terminal Search free

Practical Package Administration under Debian

Warehousing free

Use OpenStreetMap to create your own Garmin device

Do it Your Way free

Composing Office documents without Office

Simple Complexity free

Check data pools for changes or manipulation

Bean Counting free

lsof finds, shows, and searches data streams

Open Doors free

Create searchable PDFs and optimize their use

Forest of Pages free


Krita 3.0 turns into a 2D animation tool

Outstanding! free

Test driving Vivaldi, the alternative web browser

Value Added free

Feast your eyes on Ultimate Edition Linux

The Linux Ultimatum free

Ditch Skype for your audio, video and text chats

Phoning It In free

Installing Ubuntu 16.10

Installation Party free

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic free


Software management in Ubuntu 16.04

Today's Specials free


Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment free

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