Using EncFS with graphical front ends

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bowie15, 123RF

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Home users who are looking to secure relatively small amounts of data quickly and conveniently can combine EncFS with the two front-ends Cryptkeeper and Gnome Encfs Manager.

Cryptography software has the reputation for being difficult to deal with. However, EncFS plus the graphical front-end Cryptkeeper and Gnome Encfs Manager make it easy even for unschooled encryption users to secure their data with onboard tools. These tools encrypt file blocks with the AES algorithm; the key length is 256 bit.

As its name suggests, EncFS is a cryptographic program that does not secure data by compressing them in containers. Instead, it works as a virtual filesystem that is also encrypted. It sits on the FUSE module and therefore does its work in the user space. Consequently, it does not require administrative rights.

EncFS offers many additional advantages over other solutions. You do not need to worry about setting up special partitions or containers. The system uses only the space actually required by the encrypted data. There are no outsized containers or partitions to squander storage.


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