Composing Office documents without Office

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Buchachon Petthanya, 123RF

Buchachon Petthanya, 123RF

Simple Complexity

Pandoc lets you convert Markdown documents to DOCX and work conveniently with the editor of your choice. It is even possible to keep track of changes made by various authors.

Many people appreciate programs like their graphical word processors (think LibreOffice Writer or Microsoft Word) because they simplify the process of creating appealing texts. However, even when used efficiently, these programs can make entering formatted text complex since they tie styles closely and invisibly with the text. As a result, you can often not see when one style ends and the next begins.

The free tool Pandoc offers a different approach by separating form and content clearly. The tools presented here also work with file types such as HTML, ODT, TEX, and PDF, as well as DOCX (the proprietary format used by Microsoft Word since 2009).


Tools like Pandoc and AsciiDoc differ from classical text editors in that they reduce the use of element tags. Highlights and headings are typically labeled with certain strings (tags) in the text.


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