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Issue 32: Essentials – The Tools You Cannot Live Without

Essentials: Ubuntu’s repositories come with literally tens of thousands of packages. With so many apps to choose from, sometimes you may not know what to look for when searching for a tool for a specific task. In this issue we discover utilities that can be life-savers.

Table of Contents


Win – Win? free

Linux Mint 18.1 + Neon User LTS

On the DVD free

Tools you should know about

Essentials free

Using apt-fast to accelerate installation of Debian packages

Speed Up! free

Creating bootable USB Drives with Etcher

Safe Recording free

Determining the filesystem for storage media

Guessing Games free

moreutils completes the shell's toolbox

Expansions free

Nine easy security tools

Health & Safety free

Making Firefox lean and secure

Dieting free

Testing the uBlock Origin Ad Blocker

Clean Slate free

Using inotify to monitor the filesystem

Under Control free

Online LaTeX Editors

Sky Writing free

Installing multiple operating systems on a USB storage device

Tasty Variety free

Turbo-charged machines with wattOS

What OS but wattOS? free

Macro photography under Linux

Sharp Contrast free

Managing an Inventory with PartKeepr

Taking Stock free

The new Ubuntu desktop, Unity 8

New Digs free

An LXDE-like desktop made with Qt

Let There Be Light free

Installing Ubuntu 16.10

Installation Party free

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic free


Software management in Ubuntu 16.10

Today's Specials free


Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment free

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