GNOME 2.30 Updates and Improves Desktop


With the release of GNOME 2.30, various improvements and changes went into the free Linux desktop.

Simmbook Netbook for Emerging Markets


IBM and Indian company Simmtronics are marketing their 10" netbook at a cost under $200.

NVIDIA Drops Xf86-video-nv Support: No Open Source for New Cards


Andy Ritger, NVIDIA manager responsible for the Linux graphics cards, as announced on the mailing list that the graphics chip company will no longer develop the open source 2D video drivers for its chips. He recommends using the VESA X driver instead.

Ubuntu Server Survey 2010 Results


Ubuntu maker Canonical issued a survey on Ubuntu servers to the community and is now releasing the results.

Shuttleworth's Position: "Less Is More!"


Mark Shuttleworth has expressed in his blog why he considers his motto "Less is More" to be important. He has applied it to certain design decisions for Ubuntu 10.04.

Big Button Game: Metacity Introduces Flexibility


The current button arrangement redesign in Ubuntu causes numerous bugs in GNOME and Ubuntu. The Metacity team now wants to step in.

Firefox 3.6.2 Priority Release Fixes Vulnerability


To fix a security vulnerability in the previous release, Firefox developers have issued an early follow-up version 3.6.2 for immediate implementation.

The Ubuntu One Music Store Now Online


Just missing the beta deadline, Ubuntu has today placed the version 10.04 of the new Music Store online for testing.

Ubuntu 10.04 Button Rearrangement Becomes Hot Topic


The new window buttons in the next Ubuntu release are creating a lot of hot heads and much misunderstanding. The issue has gone way beyond just the button arrangement.

Ubuntu One Music Store: Tops or Flop?


Music seems to be a viable income stream also under Linux. After Amarok and Rhythmbox have earned at least a few hundred bucks with Magnatune, Ubuntu is now breaking into the market as well.