The Ubuntu One Music Store Now Online


Just missing the beta deadline, Ubuntu has today placed the version 10.04 of the new Music Store online for testing.

Tracks will cost between 77 and 99 cents. For premium labels, available in USA, UK and Germany only, Ubuntu are asking 1.49 Euros (Euro Shop)
per song. The first 60 seconds of each track can be heard as a teaser. With a seamless integration in Rhythmbox, the quality of the MP3 recordings
lies between 192 and 320 Kbs, regardless of price.

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<section xmlns:image="" xmlns:xhtml="" xmlns:custom=""><paragraph xmlns:tmp="">The Rhythmbox integrated Ubuntu One Music Store</paragraph></section>

Users actually wishing to buy music, should be a little patient. The current version comes with hold-ups at the checkout, sometimes causing Rhythmbox to crash. Probably best then to wait for the stable final version.

( Marcel Hilzinger)

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