Broadcom Becomes Linux Foundation Member


"We applaud Broadcom for its recent move to work more closely with the Linux community; their membership in the Linux Foundation speaks volumes of their commitment,” says Amanda McPherson, Vice President of Marketing and Developer Programs at The Linux Foundation.

Broadcom's membership in the Linux Foundation moves them further into the Linux Community. "In September, Broadcom announced it had open sourced its drivers for selected Wi-Fi chipsets, a pivotal move that garnered applause throughout the Linux community," The Linux Foundation says in its upcoming announcement. According to the foundation, that's not all Broadcom is doing. "Since then, the driver has been integrated into the latest Linux kernel release 2.6.37 and, as a result, is actively being improved upon by the entire Linux community. Given its portfolio of semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, Broadcom is an important addition to The Linux Foundation," the announcement says.

More information on the Linux Foundation can be found on their website.

( Amber Graner)

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