Do you believe in Santa or Linux?


Linux Foundation Members can support Linux while becoming eligible for Store gift cards.

The Linux Foundation announced their annual individual membership drive last week.

New individual members, who sign up between December 5th and 20th, 2010, will be automatically entered in a special drawing. The drawing is for one of five gift cards valued at U.S. $50 and can be used to purchase hats, mugs, T-shirts and more from the Store. With membership new individual members will get an "I Believe" T-shirt as well.

Individual members of The Linux Foundation help advance the Linux operating system. Exclusive individual membership benefits include a email address; employee purchase pricing from Dell, HP and Lenovo; 35 percent off O’Reilly books and e-books and more.

Existing members and non-member are eligible and can enter the drawing by mailing their name and email address to The Linux Foundation headquarters.

The address,official rules, and more information for the drawing are available at The Linux Foundation website.

( Amber Graner)

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