Canonical and Autonomic Resources to Bring UEC to U.S. Government


Today, Canonical and Autonomic Resources announce the availability of an integrated product based on Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) and Dell Blade server hardware under the ARC-P cloud product family.

In a press release today, Canonical, announces, "ARC-P-UEC is now available for purchase as single sku on Autonomic's GSA Schedule 70 contract. UEC has proved very popular with private companies testing and developing cloud built on their internal servers and data centers. This move makes that same technology available to the federal government and offers the efficiencies of cloud computing to the large-scale, but often budget-restricted, government IT sectors."

The product is fully supported by Autonomic Resources and Canonical. It comes bundled with Canonical's 'Ubuntu Advantage' support subscription service for servers and cloud which gives access to telephone support from Canonical as well as Ubuntu's system management solution 'Landscape'.

( Amber Graner)

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