Ubuntu Website Gets a Facelift


The Ubuntu 11.04 desktop isn't the only thing with a new look in Ubuntu today; as Inayaili León points out on Canonical's blog site, the Ubuntu website gets a new look as well.

"This overhaul of the website focuses on improving and refining the experience for users who are new to Ubuntu and who we want to entice and convert. We have taken a better look at how Ubuntu’s most important features and characteristics were (or weren’t, in some cases) being shown, and whether visitors’ most important questions were being answered, " writes León.

Instead of having separate sections for netbook and desktop releases of Ubuntu there is now just one centralized "Get Ubuntu" button.

Other new sections include Ubuntu for Business, Ready for Cloud, Ubuntu One and What's New.

According to León, last December, Canonical carried out intensive user research in regards to how the website was performing. The research showed that users —end users and business users—were having difficulty finding answers to their questions. This prompted the redesign. Canonical also spoke to members of the Ubuntu Accessibility Team and based on their feedback are looking into issues such as color combinations, ability to resize text, and making the site as clear and concise as possible.

The main focus will be making the website more accessible and easier to navigate and bring it up to the Ubuntu and Canonical standard of quality, while making the code easier to manage, the content easier to update, and the message clear.

( Amber Graner)

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