CeBIT Open Source Forum 2012 Videos Now Available


All presentations from the Open Source Forum at CeBIT 2012 are now available for free from the Linux Magazine video archive.

The videos show the speakers with their presentations, the accompanying slides are provided in a second window to give viewers a better viewing experience. The archive contains more than 50 open source presentations which were given during the CeBIT Open Source Forum 2012.

One of the most popular presentation was the daily Knoppix 7.0 talk by Knoppix inventor Klaus Knopper. Another slot attracting lots of visitors was the daily talk by UNIX/Linux veteran Jon 'maddog' Hall who presented several aspects of free software, spanning from open source business to a Linux project in Brazil.
Other contributions were are aimed at administrators, such as "Legal Issues for IT administrators," Samba 4.0, DRBD or GlusterFS and Ceph. Among the topics for software developers were talks on the Qt version 5 toolkit, the new C++ 11 standard and Libre Office extensions. current IT trends were represenatated by the talks on "The German cloud,", on Open Source in Public Administration or the Owncloud project.

All presentation videos can be found in the Linux Magazine video archive.

( Hans-Jörg Ehren)

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