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Linux New Media USA announced today's launch of CloudAge, its new cloud portal for IT professionals. The site, sponsored by ADMIN Magazine, will deliver feature technical articles, blogs, video, whitepapers, and webcasts on cloud and virtualization topics.

“We find that IT specialists who have made the change to the cloud are just as busy as before -- with a new set of problems that require new tools and solutions,” says Joe Casad, Editor in Chief of CloudAge. “We're known for practical, HowTo articles on IT topics, and we see a real need for that right now in cloud computing."

The CloudAge team plans to build on Linux New Media's previous investment in cloud themes. According to Casad, “We feel like we're already a leading voice in cloud publishing. We don't just reprint an OpenStack press release -- we show you how to set up your own OpenStack implementation. We've covered Amazon, Google web services, and several other technologies with the same technical edge. It is a natural step to launch a cloud website that will have the space to explore the great variety of cloud platforms and help the reader choose the best technology for every situation.“

CloudAge will cover all cloud topics, as long as the discussion helps the reader with real-world problems. "We plan to place a special emphasis on helping admins and IT managers on conventional networks make the transition to the cloud," Casad says. "We'll have lots on cloud migration, and we want to be the experts on hybrid networks that are partly in the cloud and partly on conventional hardware.”

Linux New Media USA CEO Brian Osborn agrees that a practical cloud site fits in well with the company's mission. “Our ADMIN and Linux Pro Magazine properties keep us close to the ear of system administrators and IT managers around the world. From that vantage point, it would be hard not to recognize the importance of cloud services. We are excited about having this special space to address cloud topics with the same thorough, technical coverage our readers have come to expect.”

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