Linus Torvalds: Windows 7 Rocks!


While Microsoft was assembling a promotional booth to celebrate their Windows 7 launch directly opposite the Japan Linux Symposium in Tokyo, Microsoft's biggest competitor couldn't resist spontaneously recognizing the textbook exercise in irony.

According to AMD's Chris Schlaeger, participating at the 1st Annual Japan Linux Symposium (October 21-23) in Tokyo, at one point a small group led by Linux founder Linus Torvalds took a break to go to the Windows 7 booth that was coincidentally (or not) located just opposite the symposium, there to dwell on the meaningfulness of the situation.

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<section xmlns:image="" xmlns:xhtml="" xmlns:custom=""><paragraph xmlns:tmp="">Linus Torvalds finds that Windows 7 really rocks! Perhaps? (Photo: Chris Schlaeger).</paragraph></section>

Schlaeger, in the role of photographer at the event, was of the opinion that Microsoft intentially set up its Window 7 booth on its launch date specifically at the Linux Symposium to compromise the latter's success. However, the setup was just too much of a temptation for Torvalds. By his own admission, he often jokes about Microsoft, but stays clear of direct bashing.

( Anika Kehrer)

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