Matt Asay: Leaving Canonical


Today Matt Asay, Canonical COO, announced on his Canonical Voices blog that he has decided to leave Canonical.

Asay leaves Canonical to join Strobe, an early-stage HTML5 startup that builds mobile apps. In his blog post, Asay says that he has enjoyed his time with Canonical and comments on what he has learned by working with Jane Silber, Canonical CEO. He writes, "...I have greatly missed day-to-day interaction with customers and partners. I miss being in the trenches, as I was at Alfresco. I have realized that while being COO is a good experience, it’s not really the one that I want." Jane Silber responded with a "Thanks and good luck to Matt Asay" post on the Canonical Blog site.

Asay's blog post and Jane Silber's post on his leaving can be found on the Canonical Blog and Canonical Voices sites.

( Amber Graner)

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