Ubuntu and Kubuntu 13.04; Linux Mint 15 "Olivia"

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On the DVD


This month, we have a double-sided disk stacked with excellent software. Side A has Ubuntu and Kubuntu 13.04, giving you the choice between the standard Unity-flavored distro and the power user KDE variant.

On side B is Linux Mint 15 "Olivia," currently the most popular distro according to DistroWatch, combining ease of use, power, and beauty in equal measures.

Ubuntu 13.04

  • Unity
  • Firefox 20
  • Improved desktop usability
  • LibreOffice 4
  • Seamless social network integration

Kubuntu 13.04

  • KDE Plasma 4.10
  • Muon suite for easy software installation and updates
  • Tomahawk for music sharing
  • Improved in-desktop screen management

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