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Issue 22: Web Work: Tools and Tricks for Working Online

This Web Is Your Web. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web back in the early 1990s, he wrote a protocol that is open and free to use and akin to the spirit of the Free Software movement itself. To this day, he conceives the web as a means to connect people more than just connecting machines.

Table of Contents

The Bubble free

News free

Kubuntu 14.04 + Linux Mint 17

On the DVD free

This web is your web

Web Working free

Overview: CMS systems without databases

Blogs Without Boundaries free


Integrating network storage through the file manager

Sychronicity free


Practical online helpers for CMS beginners

Toolbox free

Build your very first Ubuntu SDK app

First App free

Visualizing complex structures using Graphviz

Connections free

Easy backups with Obnam

Lucky Strike free

Creating vector graphics with LaTeX and TikZ

Blueprint free

Reconstructing files with Magic Rescue

Magical Lifesaver free

Paperwork in the battle against paper stacks

Paperless free

Create 3D characters with MakeHuman

Evolution free

Modify PDFs page by page

Alterations free

Getting started with LibreOffice Base

Good Sorts free

Sleek Musique audio player

Press Play free

OpenTeacher, a new concept in educational software

Customized Learning free

Adding new functions with GIMP plugins

Extensions free

Installing Ubuntu 14.04

Installation Party free

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic free

Software management on Ubuntu 14.04

Today's Specials free

Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment free


Free software and Linux in India

Made in India free

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