Eight RailsBridge Open Workshop 2011 Schedule Announced


The RailsBridge Open Workshop project, which teaches programmers and non-programmers how to develop web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework, announces eight free workshops in 2011.

Shuttleworth Says Qt Apps Wanted For Ubuntu


"The decision to be open to Qt is in no way a criticism of GNOME. It’s a celebration of free software’s diversity and complexity," says Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth in his blog.

2D Unity Not on the Natty Plan Says Canonical


“It's not on the Natty plan for now, but we'll be evaluating the progresses and will consider adding a 3rd session option if the development goes as planned,” said David Barth, Desktop Experience Team, Engineering Manager at Canonical.

Intel Reports 2010 Record Year


Up 24 percent over last year, Intel finish up its fiscal year with a reported $43.6 billion in sales.

OpenDoc Society Announces Document Foundation Membership


The Document Foundation brings LibreOffice to the association that promotes best practices for office applications with its membership into the OpenDoc Society.

Canonical Discusses Banshee Decision


Jason Warner, Ubuntu Desktop Manager for Canonical, discusses the ‘whys’ of the Banshee decision.

Mark Shuttleworth Says OpenStack and Eucalyptus in Ubuntu 11.04


In this video interview, Canonical Chairman and Ubuntu Founder, Mark Shuttleworth discusses Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, and the inclusion of both OpenStack and Eucalyptus in Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal release, with Dell's cloud computing evangelist, Barton George.

The Linux Foundation Announces 2011 Event Schedule; Book Early for Special Discounts


The Linux Foundation announces its 2011 Event Schedule, Call for Presentations and the introduction of LinuxCon Europe.

GoAhead Joins Linux Foundation


GoAhead, a provider of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for network equipment manufacturers is now a member of the Linux Foundation.

GNOME Accessibility Application Orca 2.91.5 Released


GNOME's Orca screen reader is providing users accessibility to their graphical desktop using assistive technology service provider interface (AT-SPI).