SC11 Technical Program Now Taking Applications


“This is the conference that attracts the best minds in industry, academia and government and our attendees know they will gain insights into the future of high performance computing technologies and how they will affect everything from scientific discovery to product development to education,” said Scott Lathrop, SC11 General Chair.

The Document Foundation Announces LibreOffice Updates and Fundraising Accomplishments


The Document Foundation announced today that LibreOffice 3.3.1 with improved stability and new colorful icons is now available for download. The new icons are based on The Document Foundation branding guidelines, and includes updates to several language versions.

KDE and the Cloud: ownCloud


A KDE project, the ownCloud initiative is a web storage app that is developed by the KDE community.

Octality Launches the Cherokee Market


Announced today by Octality S.L., Cherokee Market is a new channel for Web applications that allows developers to distribute and sell their apps.

Check Websites for Broken Links with LinkChecker 6.4


LinkChecker is a free, GPL licensed URL validator.

RIPLinuX 11.4 Ready


Recovery Is Possible (RIP) Linux 11.4 is a boot, rescue, backup, maintenance, as well as general purpose system on CD or USB.

ComFusion 3 Now Available


ComFusion, a Spanish Ubuntu-based operating system formerly know as Uberyl, announces that version 3 is now available.

First Android Builder Summit Announced


The Android Builder Summit, to be announced by the Linux Foundation on Wednesday, February 16, will bring together OEMs, device makers, systems builders and kernel community to collaborate on the Android platform.

Linaro Optimizes ST-Ericsson's Snowball ARM Board


Announced today, the open source community will be able to buy the Snowball development boards that use ST-Ericsson's AP9500 chipset and run free open source software and tools that have been optimized by Linaro.

Canonical Makes Ubuntu Component Catalog Public


“There has not been a comprehensive, up-to-date freely available catalog like this for a long time,” said Victor Palau, Platform Services Manager at Canonical. “By making this open and easily searchable we want to speed the component selection for Ubuntu machines, and allow us and our partner manufacturers to focus on the value-added user experience.”