Ubuntu Developer Summit: Discussion, Design, Direction for Ubuntu 11.10


The Ubuntu Developer Summit for the Oneiric Ocelot (Ubuntu 11.10) development cycle (UDS-O) will take place on May 9-13, 2011 at the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest Hungary.

O'Reilly Announces Early Registration for OSCON, OSCON Data, and OSCON Java


O'Reilly announces early registration for OSCON, OSCON Data, and OSCON Java is now open. OSCON Data and OSCON Java are scheduled for July 25-27, while OSCON runs the entire week of July 25-29, 2011, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

Jono Bacon Discusses LoCo Directory Next Steps


The LoCo Team Directory (LD) is a place where you can find information regarding Ubuntu Local Community (LoCo) Teams; and in a blog post today, Jono Bacon discusses what he is looking forward to discussing about this community maintained resource at the upcoming Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS).

Dustin Kirkland: Introduces -- a URL shortener for Ubuntu manpages


Dustin Kirkland, Core Developer, Ubuntu Server at Canonical, announces today -- a URL shortener for Ubuntu manpages.

Nokia: Qt SDK 1.1 Now Available


Nokia announces the release and immediate availability Qt SDK 1.1 as its next step in tools support for Qt based development.

CloudSigma Offers Free Trial of Ubuntu 11.04 with full root access


CloudSigma, a European provider of cloud servers, announces the launch of the latest Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) servers for instant deployment in its cloud.

The Linux Foundation to Give Away Free Passes to LinuxCon


"We will give away one free LinuxCon pass per 20th Anniversary of Linux Video Contest entry," announced Jennifer Cloer, Director of Communications and Community at The Linux Foundation, today.

Ubuntu Open Week: May 2-6, 2011


Ubuntu Open Week is a week long online tutorial event that takes place over IRC (Internet Relay Chat) after each Ubuntu release.

Mark Shuttleworth: Ubuntu 11.04 Mission Is Users First


"Users first, on free software," says Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth in an Ubuntu 11.04 reflective blog post today.

Ubuntu Website Gets a Facelift


The Ubuntu 11.04 desktop isn't the only thing with a new look in Ubuntu today; as Inayaili León points out on Canonical's blog site, the Ubuntu website gets a new look as well.