Chuck Short Discusses Cobbler On Ubuntu

Yesterday, I wrote about Cobbler, a linux installation server, originally developer by Red Hat's Emerging Technologies group, that allows users to deploy a large number of Ubuntu Servers in a data center quickly and effortlessly, was accepted into the Ubuntu Archive.

Today, I introduce you to Chuck Short, a 35 year old software developer who works at Canonical on the Ubuntu Server Team. "I work from home in Ottawa, Canada. I am considered to be a "Server Generalist" which means I have my hands in a bit of everything from Samba to running Ubuntu on the cloud," says Short. "In another life I was a Systems Administrator as well and always had to come up with writing my own install server since propitiatory tools such as Tivoli was cost prohibitive for the companies I used to work for, " continued Short, "and now that we have cobbler I can deploy an Ubuntu server running cobbler to provision other Ubuntu servers in my data center."

"Cobbler allows users to track profiles of their servers and allows users to re-install a server if needed. Additionally, Cobbler also provides the System Administrator a tool which allows them to provision servers for their own needs," explained Short. "All the user needs is an Ubuntu Server ISO and a d-i preseed file. Cobbler will help the user setup a tftpd server which a systems administrator can do a hands off install of Ubuntu. It not just installs Ubuntu, but it also installs Debian and Fedora as well," added Short.

When it comes to the benefits Cobbler give Ubuntu Server users, Short says, "Cobbler brings all the parts needed in order to a large multi-server network installation of Ubuntu. In this case a server ISO, a Debian preseed file, TFTP setup, and installation automation. It simplifies the configuration of all these parts and frees up the system administrator to provision servers in a timely matter."

Looking at Cobbler's future with Ubuntu, "Cobbler is a small part of Ubuntu Orchestra, an infrastructure service that is coming in the next LTS release for Ubuntu Server. This service includes pieces such as an installation automation (cobbler), monitoring, remote logging, and configuration management for both the cloud and bare metal server. We hope to add more features in the next release of Ubuntu in the run of up of 12.04," says Short.

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