What to help Triage some bugs? Take a look at the announcement Pedro Villavicencio Garrido sent to the bugsquad mailing list about today's opportunity for you to help!  Fellow Ubuntu Triagers! This week's Bug Day target is *drum roll please* Ubuntu Translations! * 44 New bugs need a hug * 18 Incomplete bugs need a status check * 58 Confirmed bugs need a review Bookmark it, add it to your calendars, turn ov... more »
Last year at this time, I had only been involved with Ubuntu and the Open Source community a little over a month. All things Ubuntu and Open Source in respects to my personal involvement were new, exciting and awesomely overwhelming and I hate to admit it but, I did not blog about anyone for Ada Lovelace Day 2009.That said I have to admit in the last year I have been given the opportunity to meet and get to know so man... more »
Today on the Ubuntu-announce mailing list where all the great Ubuntu announcements are made, Steve Langasek, Ubuntu Release Manager, sent out the announcement to the community that Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - Beta 1 has been released. Below is the announcement in total: The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the first beta release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long-Term Support) Desktop, Server, and Netbook editions and of Ubuntu 10.04 Server for Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) and Amazon's EC2. Codenamed &... more »
According to a post on The Fridge - Ubuntu will once again participate in the Google Summer of Code.The Ubuntu Google Summer of Code wiki describes the participation this way: It is a great opportunity to expose new students to the wonderful world of Ubuntu, get some exciting projects off the ground and get good exposure for the projects, students and organisations alike. The main goal for this program is to encourage university student participation in the open source world. It is a great op... more »
wallpaper by Olivia Galbraith As the Ubuntu Community is gearing up for the release of Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx, there are those, myself included, who are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the code name of Ubuntu 10.10? I went looking around the wiki's to see what I could find out about how each release gets it's name. I found a great Development Code Names wiki. Here's what I found out. What do the numbers and n... more »
Looking for a way to help with the next release of Ubuntu - Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx? Here's your opportunty!The Ubuntu Bug Squad has sent out invitations to the community to participate in the next Hug Day/ Bug Day!You're Invited!Where: Ubuntu IRC Channel - #ubuntu-bugs on freenode [DOT].netDate: Thursday, March 11, 2010Time: All DayPurpose: Targeting ubiquity bugs About Event: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20... more »
Today is International Women's Day and the Ubuntu Women Project held a "How I discovered Ubuntu."competition in honor of this event. The Competition which was announced back in January, asked women and girls who use Ubuntu to submit their "How I discovered Ubuntu" stories. This is the beginning of a collection of stories that can be built upon each year and will allow the Ubuntu Women Project to dem... more »
Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx will be bringing more than faster boot times and open drivers to users this spring, it will radiate "Light" throughout the community with a face lift for the future. Within the Ubuntu Community there is a wiki for *every* thing it seems and the new brand is no different so let's see what the wiki tells us about this new and polished look and feel of the Ubuntu Brand.The Ubuntu Wiki,Br... more »
The Ubuntu Opportunistic Developers will be enjoying a week of programming fun as Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week (UODW) kicked off at 4pm UTC today March 1st and concludes on Saturday, March 6th at around 8pm UTC.Last week on March 25, Rick Spencer, Canonical's engineering manager for the Desktop conducted two classes -- Python for Beginners and Python for Programmers preparing those who are new to programming and python to get the most out of each session. No worries, if you didn't get... more »

Follow along as Ubuntu enthusiast and Community organizer Amber Graner helps put the "You" in Ubuntu.

Amber Graner is an active Ubuntu community member and organizer who encourages everyone around her to participate, support, and learn about Ubuntu and Open Source. With a smile and a sense of humor, Amber reminds people that there is a place for everyone in the Ubuntu community – regardless of technical skill level (or lack thereof). She is constantly looking for people, places, and events within the Ubuntu community that help inspire Ubuntu users to participate actively within the Ubuntu community. Email Amber at amber AT ubuntu-user DOT com.


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