Ubuntu Certified Hardware

Canonical maintains a list of hardware that is certified for Ubuntu. Victor Palau, Platform Services Manager at Canonical wrote a blog post about Ubuntu certification which caused me to wonder if my Dell, XPS M1330 laptop, running Ubuntu 10.10 was Ubuntu certified. Below are the screenshots and steps I took to find the answer that question.


Step 1. I looked in the list to find the make of my computer. Mine I found the Dell row and and clicked the number listed under the laptop column.





Step 2. I located my computer from the list of Dell Hardware.






Step 3. I clicked on the XPS M1330 link and I found out my computer is fully certified up to the Ubuntu 9.04 release.





As you can see I found out that my laptop is only certified up to the 9.04 release and I am currently running Ubuntu 10.10. This discovery left me with a few more questions. Was it certified and the information just hasn't made it to the list yet? What could I do, if anything, to help my laptop become certified to the current release? As per the instructions in Victor's post, I sent my questions to the Ubuntu Certification Team via launchpad. It took less than ten minutes to find my answer and send in the questions. So not a hard thing to do at all.


Step 4. Sent questions to the Ubuntu Certification Team.







Certified or not my laptop hasn't had many issues from 9.04 forward except that it would overheat and just turn off from time to time but with each release I would file a bug and when asked would give the developers more in put or help test a fix. Remember you don't have to write the code to help fix the problem. Filing a bug or asking a question is the first and often most important step in the process. If the developers don't know it's broken they can't fix it. If you don't see your computer on the list, or the computer you have isn't certified to the version you are currently running. Send in a question or file a bug and if possible see what you can do to help with the process.

Happy hardware hunting!


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Looks like I'm not the only one hereabouts with nVidia graphics.


My Inspiron 1420N died *completely*. I'm filing a claim the first day I'm able.

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