Unity Bite Size Bug Campaign-Interview with Canonical's Jorge Castro

In this week's audio interview I talk to Jorge Castro of the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical about the Unity Bite Size Bug Campaign. The Unity Bite Sized Bug Campaign kicked off in early December and since that time Castro has posted numerous status reports on how this latest campaign is shaping up.

"For developers we’re kicking off a Bitesize Bug campaign. Over the next few months we will be specifically finding small, easy to digest bugs that are just as important to the experience as the person doing the plumbing. This list will continue to grow and will contain not only fixes, but feature work as well," says Castro on his blog post introducing new campaign.

Castro answers questions about himself, Unity, the Ayatana Project, Paper Cuts and of course what the Unity Bite Size Bug Campaign is all about.

Bite size bugs are more complicated than papercuts, but not something that Castro calls a "sucking chest wound" bug or one that only the core-devs can fix. Jcastro points out there are 3 different bug groups--papercuts, bitesize, core-devs. In the interview he tells users how to get involved with these projects. He also gives some examples of what he says falls into the different categories.

Castro sums up Unity this way, "Unity is the new desktop shell that runs on top of GNOME and compiz; basically it's a new UI experience and is a culmination of many of the things that the Ayatana project has worked on that now fall under the Unity Umbrella."

More information about the Unity Bite Size Bug Campaign and where to file bugs can be found on the Unity Website.

The full interview is available for download in both ogg and mp3 formats.

The intro and exit music used in the recording is from the song Forgotten Heroes, off Severed Fifth's latest demo, Nightmares By Design .


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